For years, he lived in a single room sharing a compound with neighbors yet he paid rent for people living in three-bedroom flats.

He had enough money to buy a car, yet will take a bike even in the rain, drop in the view of everyone and enter the hall to minister in a ministry God made him a pioneer.

He wasn’t under pressure to prove any point. He wasn’t ashamed of his track record. Many tried to push him into premature manifestation yet he resisted.

This is a man who will be invited for programs and yet sow back the honorarium he is being given and even add his own money to the ministry he ministered to.

He is never in a rush. Even today he could go live on T.V or build himself an office but no, he is never under pressure. He never does anything without hearing from God. He takes one day at a time.

It was never about fame or money. He just loved to see Jesus glorified. A genuine lover of God and people.

Years before now, Jesus told him “Son, if you will let men see me, there is nothing I will not give you…”

Today he says “I looked at my life and in my place of prayer… I wept and said: Lord you have been faithful. And the Lord replied: No son, we both have been faithful”


Our father and mentor. We love you deeply.

Apostle Joshua Selman..your life is an epistle to us

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