Download Sermon Who Touched Me? Destiny-Defining Encounters by Apostle Joshua Selman if you missed it yesterday or want to have it your phone so you can listen to it from time to time

Download Sermon Who Touched Me? Destiny-Defining Encounters by Apostle Joshua Selman

Find the link below to Download Sermon Who Touched Me? Destiny-Defining Encounters by Apostle Joshua Selman.

If you missed the Koinonia Abuja Service on April 7, titled “WHO TOUCHED ME? DESTINY-DEFINING ENCOUNTERS)” with Apostle Joshua Selman, here’s a brief summary of what Apostle Joshua Selman talked about:

The sermon titled “Who Touched Me? (Destiny-Defining Encounters)” focuses on the profound impact of truly connecting with God. Based on Luke 8:41-48, it explores the concept of “touching” God as a means of coming into contact, connecting, and fostering feelings of affection and empathy. Such encounters have the power to dramatically shift an individual’s destiny for the better.

Throughout history, numerous figures like Paul, Jacob, Abraham, and others experienced transformative encounters with God. These stories illustrate that engaging in spiritual practices alone does not guarantee a genuine connection with God. True encounters are marked by significant changes in one’s life and destiny.

Key indicators of having truly touched God include a deep reverence for Him, prompted by a heartfelt understanding of one’s own state. This reverence signifies a genuine encounter that alters the heart’s condition, leading to a profound change in the individual. Encountering God goes beyond the pursuit of reputation or titles; it involves a level of humility and a desire for God’s presence above all.

The sermon underscores that mere involvement in spiritual activities does not equate to an encounter with God. True encounters are evidenced by changes in one’s life, such as:

  1. Reverence for God: This is the first sign of a genuine encounter with God, marked by an understanding of one’s own heart and a newfound respect for God.
  2. Wisdom Beyond Years: Authentic wisdom stems from the fear of the Lord and is a sign of having touched God.
  3. Liberty: True encounters with God bring freedom from burdens, illustrating a transformation in one’s life.
  4. Genuine Power: An encounter with God bestows authentic power that not only transforms the individual but also has the potential to impact nations.
  5. Peace: Experiencing God’s peace, even in tumultuous times, signifies a real encounter with Him.

The sermon encourages believers to seek a true connection with God, emphasizing that genuine encounters with Him are transformative, leading to reverence, wisdom, liberty, power, and peace in their lives.



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