Maximising Destiny: Insights from Apostle Joshua Selman’s Message offers profound insights on optimizing one’s potential and purpose in life. This comprehensive document delves into the teachings and wisdom shared by Apostle Joshua Selman, a renowned spiritual leader and speaker. Through his enlightening messages, readers gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies for maximizing their destiny and achieving personal growth.


Apostle Joshua Selman emphasizes the importance of understanding your identity as the foundation for fulfilling your destiny. Reject vain visions and flattering divinations, and focus on the authentic prophecy over your life, as highlighted in Ezekiel 12:21-24. Declare the fulfillment of God’s promises through prayer.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Identity: The Foundation of Your Destiny Apostle Joshua Selman’s, in his teachings, emphasizes the crucial role of understanding your identity as the first step towards maximising your destiny. Drawing from Ezekiel 12:21-24, he encourages individuals to reject vain visions and flattering divinations, focusing instead on the authentic prophecy over their lives. The call to prayer is a pivotal aspect of this journey, urging believers to declare the fulfillment of God’s promises over their lives.

The Power of Prayer and Declaration

Engaging with Divine Wisdom and Power Prayer is highlighted as a significant tool for receiving divine wisdom, grace, and power. This spiritual exercise is not only about seeking redirection for life and destiny but also about acknowledging the influence of revered spiritual leaders like Dr. Myles Munroe, who taught that true leadership is service-oriented, not follower-focused.

Reflecting on Scriptural Wisdom Apostle Joshua Selman’s today

The Gift of Destiny and the Importance of Timing Scriptures such as Lamentations 3:27 and Ecclesiastes 12:1 serve as reminders of the gift of destiny, the importance of embracing responsibilities early in life, and the significance of remembering the Creator before challenging times arrive. The concept of destiny is presented as a divine gift that requires responsible management and awareness of divine timing.

Growth and Progress as Markers of Joy

Advancing in Wisdom and Favor The teachings further elaborate on the natural design for growth and advancement, supported by the example of Jesus Christ who increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52). The breaking of limitations and the pursuit of identity, purpose, and meaning are central themes.

Key Areas of Focus

Identity, Purpose, and Meaning The jurisdiction of Selman’s teachings covers identity, purpose, and meaning, illuminating these areas as vital for understanding and maximising destiny. He underscores the significance of asking critical questions related to these areas to live an effective and fulfilled life.

Identity: The Cornerstone of Influence

Recognizing and Embracing Your True Self The discussion on identity stresses the importance of self-awareness and the rejection of societal pressures to conform to external definitions. By understanding and affirming one’s identity in Christ, individuals are empowered to live with confidence and purpose, free from the need to prove themselves to others.

Purpose: Understanding Your Divine Calling

Living a Life of Intention and Impact Selman moves to the subject of purpose, urging believers to live with a sense of divine calling and to embrace their unique roles in God’s grand narrative. This involves recognizing the significance of one’s existence and the importance of contributing positively to the world.

Deploying Your Gifts

The Role of Gifts in Fulfilling Destiny The concept of deploying one’s gifts as a means to serve and excel is also explored. Identifying, refining, and utilizing one’s gifts are presented as essential steps towards achieving competence, recognition, and ultimately, fulfilling one’s destiny.

The Eternal Perspective

Contemplating Life Beyond Earth Finally, Selman addresses the question of destiny from an eternal perspective, encouraging believers to live with an awareness of life beyond the earthly realm. This involves a conscious effort to align one’s earthly achievements with eternal values, ensuring a legacy that transcends material success.

Through these teachings, Apostle Joshua Selman offers a comprehensive guide to understanding and maximising destiny, centered on the pillars of identity, purpose, and meaning, all grounded in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.


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