There are alot of men of God have truly been a blessing to our generation. God has blessed this nation will great and power men who have paid the price of alignment.

Despite divine direction as a major key to connecting to a spiritual covering or Father. I have watched and consistently seen genuine and exciting reasons to follow this man.


1. He loves God.

This is core in following or submitting to any man of God. A man that loves God will infest you with the same virus. Apostle loves God, I was with him in March before the lock down during a mentorship session. He said, “I love God more than ministry. Kai!!! How many men will say this.

Many men are in ministry for fame and money. But this man does not play with his quite time and intimacy with the holy spirit. That is the secret behind his exploits. He has infested me with this virus. I love God chai!!!

2. He loves the body.

I have careful sat down to watch certain men of God hold a mic and disembody the body of Christ. They insult fathers, bring confusion and raise rebels as follower who lack home training.

I was raised by a good father and virtuous mother who taught me to respect elders. She also taught me never to correct an elder or speak against an elder in secret or openly. Let other elders do so.

Apostle Joshua Selman I know will never speak against any church or any pastor. I have watched him closely and have chosen this part. He love the body of Christ and goes extra length to dig and labour to draw inspiration, illumination and revelation to feed a generation.

3. He is a balanced teacher of the word.

Apostle Joshua Selman I make bold to say is one of the most balance teacher of the word of God globally. His teaching cut across Success, career, relationship, emotional, financial and spiritual intelligence, excellence, kingdom, wisdom, greatness etc.

He teaches you about the person of Christ, the holy spirit and still teaches you the principles of Christ. You can be under this man and not Excel in every area of your life.

I had a vision one day, I saw a child who looked like a monster. Big head, this hands and legs were not equal, body structure so deformed and different eyes and ear sizes. The spirit of God told me, raise me balanced men.

How can you ride spiritual giants who are emotional, social and financial dwarf. They don’t know how to navigate their ways in the market place. They lack wisdom on relationship, lack social skill, don’t know anything about finance.

That is not with my father, my life has move upward and forward since I met him. What a man that feed you with food that contains all the 7 nutrients and yet he still stand in his core message of revival.

4. He understands honor and is very humble.

If you know Apostle Joshua Selman you will know that he is the most preferred preach in the world now. After his meeting in London, his host called Pastor Sam Oye and told him. That he had never seen a man like apostle. They had to change venues because no could contain the crowd.


Despite his fame, he is still humble. He honour and respect all men. I mean all men, I was telling someone the other day that if you want to know how Jesus behaves come let me show you a man hat is his replica on earth.

What a man. He understands honor and he is humble.

5. He carries God presence.

My brother I know God lives in us. You don’t need to shout it. But there are levels my bother. I am talking about the feeleable, seeable, touchable, palpiable, undeniable and knowleable presence of God that births miracles.

In November we had a meeting sole with our partners. I was holding the anionting oil for apostle to anoint our partners. Kai!!! The presence of God emitting from him was so thick, I kept controlling myself.

I was the man of God, I had to stand before the people at a time fire!!! ?? ?? ? I could not understand what happened next. I only regained consciousness to see my self on the ground with the oil poured on me.

I saw people crying and he was not praying. I walked with him into the indoor stadium with thousands of people in the hall. As we walked the aisles, people were been slain. What an anionted man. He carries God and you can deny it when you meeting him.

6. He is not a man of theory, his life has so many results.

Friends I am speaking from experience here. 2017, my life and ministry was a mess. I was at a breaking point. I was to give up on minostry, and go back to fishing (Banking) like peter.

But as I was praying and crying to God in the early hours of the morning. I saw a vision, Apostle Joshua Selman appeared in front of me. My eyes were open, and the Lord said to me follow this TRIBE and connect to this man.

I want to see him and dropped a seed, he laid hands on me. That was it, my life and ministry changed. The rest is history. I see same grace in him working in me. I have seen many testimonies in our ministry, healings, delieverances, breakthroughs , favours and blessings from many people I know who just came in contact with him.

7. He love me, my family and Ingathering.

Everytime I am opportuned to speak with him. He will always say this, pastor Iyke, I love you and you wife so much. You are so dear to my heart. You can not fail because you are connect to me.

Kai!!! Those word permeate into my spirit, soul and body. He calls to ask how are you doing, I hope there is no challenge. He prays for us. He is always willing and ready to bless. What a father, what a covering. I don’t have any more thing to ask.

By the way I was raised we don’t request or collect things from mentors. But this is a mentor and father who is always wanting to give and give, but we keep refusing and refusing. But he insist and so time umunne we collect small.

8. He guides his mind like jeweler guide their jeweries.

We were previdged to travel with him with his car from Abuja to Zaria. To the sock of me and my wife. After we are talked and discussed on our journey he played a messages and worship songs from his phone through the car speakers for over 4 hours. There was not space.

Anytime you meet him, he has an ear phone in his mind. He feeds his mind consistently. He is not even on social media. He has no old picture the the walls of his house. He said I look to the future and not the pass.

Kai, he knows that his mind is one of his greatest treasures. He that does not mind his mind, his world will not mind him. No wonder our generation is take need to him. I have found a man to follow who follow Christ.

9. He does not follow the bangwagon.

Apostle Selman does not do what everybody is doing or what is popular. Do you know there is not sign board to Koinonia. They don’t have a handbills. Yet over 7,000 people come for their meetings every Friday.

A meeting that starts by 5:30pm but by 2pm the hall and two overflows are already filled. What a grace, he once said ” In this lineage no venue accommodate the people that attended. We will always have problem with overflow”.

Kai!!! What a lineage.

10. He will never do anything without God’s approval.

He is a man that is lead by the spirit. I had a planned meeting for next year and discussed with him. He did not give me a reply. After some weeks I called him and asked him again about the meeting for approval. He said “Pastor Iyke I don’t do anything without God’s approval. Give me time to get approval”.

That one sinked in. Never do anything without God’s approval. If God sends you, he will take care of the logistics. But if you send yourself, you will pay the transport. It is not by power or might but by his spirit.

I love you sir.

My wife and family loves you.

We honour you.

We treasure every minute with you.

Thanks for your fatherly role in our lives.

This man carries a mantle for my generation. Hard core solutions to difficult cases. What an anionted man. I celebrate God for loving me so much to connect me to this grace.

I celebrate a system

I celebrate a generational grace.

I celebrate an apostle of our time.

I celebrate a man graced with different mantles.

I celebrate a man of revelation and mysteries.

I have so much to say. But let me stop here and continue next time.

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  1. Sanda Victor Felix on

    Sir please I need ur help to connect me to him
    God has told me to connect with him and that one day I will
    I love Daddy selman so much and this is what to him but could not reach him
    Dear Mentor Apostle Joshua Selman
    I wrote this to you but I don’t know how you will send but I believe if it is God will for you to see than u will see
    We have never meet but I believe if it is God will, our path will cross
    In this writeup for mentor I will use the opportunity to tell you what u have done to me and I believe God is withnes
    I will post this on all Chanel believing u see it dear Mentor

    On this Valentine’s Day, I want to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the incredible impact you’ve had on my life. You have been more than just a mentor to me; you have been a guiding light, a source of inspiration, and a true role model.

    Your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise have shaped my perspective and helped me grow both personally and professionally. Your unwavering support and belief in me have given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and overcome any obstacles that have come my way.

    You have not only taught me valuable skills and knowledge but also instilled in me a sense of ambition, perseverance, and determination. Your dedication to your craft and your commitment to excellence have motivated me to always strive for the best version of myself.

    But beyond the lessons and advice, what I truly value is the genuine care and empathy you have shown me. You have always been there for me, offering a listening ear, providing guidance, and offering words of encouragement when I needed it the most.

    You have believed in me even when I doubted myself, and your unwavering faith in my abilities has pushed me to achieve great things I never thought possible.(even though we have not cross paths ) Your mentorship has been invaluable, and I am forever grateful for the impact you have made in my life.

    On this special day, I want to acknowledge and celebrate the amazing mentor you are. Thank you for everything you have done for me, and for always believing in my potential. Your influence will continue to shape my path, and I will always carry the lessons and values you have imparted with me.

    Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love, joy, and the knowledge that you have made a significant difference in my life.

    With heartfelt appreciation,
    Please 🙏 if anyone can help me out to get it to him I will be glad and Greatful

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