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Download PDF How To Turn Your Mistakes Into Miracles By Mike Murdock

How To Turn Your Mistakes Into Miracles By Mike Murdock

How To Turn “Pain can serve as a motivator. It’s possible that God will allow you to crash! You would never progress if He protected you from every blow.” Mike Murdock’s book, How to Turn Your Mistakes Into Miracles, explains how to do this.

Strategies for dealing with mistakes are provided in this book. Following are some of the initial steps that the author recommends when faced with a mistake: 1) Accept your humanity; and 2) Admit your mistake.

He says, “I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to lie.” “You are not the creator of the universe. You, on the other hand, do not possess ‘angel wings.’ Making a mistake is a 100 percent possibility in your situation. Your ability to learn from your failures defines your level of achievement.”

So, what is the author’s recommendation on how we should respond to our mistakes? He believes that we should assign responsibility for the mistake to those who are truly responsible, review the options available to you at the time of your mistake, identify the people who you allowed to have an impact on you at the time of your mistake and be willing to taste the consequences of our mistake…

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