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Download Kingdom Agenda | Tony Evans pdf. Everyone around you appears to be working toward a specific goal. People have plans, programs, goals, and specific methods for achieving them, all of which are unique to each individual. Lists, goals, and a plan are all part of their daily routines. Maybe you’ve got some ulterior motives of your own.

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Agendas are nothing new to God. In fact, he has a plan of his own; he has a goal he wants to achieve. God’s kingdom is what the Bible refers to in this plan. The Kingdom of God is an alternative to this world’s kingdom. Simply put, an “alternative” means that there is another option; there is an alternative. Because we are God’s people, we are not constrained by the choices that this world presents us. God’s kingdom agenda is an alternative plan for us.

The glory of God and the expansion of God’s kingdom are the overarching themes that run through the Bible. Genesis to Revelation has a single focus: glorifying God and advancing God’s Kingdom..

As a result, the Bible appears to be a collection of disconnected stories that, while inspiring, lack a unified purpose or direction. The Bible is a record of God’s activity throughout history as He seeks to establish and expand His Kingdom. It demonstrates the Kingdom’s interconnectedness. You can apply this principle to your daily life because the Kingdom of God is not just a concept from a few thousand years ago.

God’s kingdom isn’t just about theology and church. It isn’t just a quaint religious idea or an obscure theological concept. It is about a whole new way of seeing the world and your place in it.

Tony Evans’ legacy work, The Kingdom Agenda offers a fresh and powerful vision that will help you think differently about your life, your relationships, and your walk with God. When you start with a Kingdom agenda, living in a relationship with the true King, and embracing your place in His Kingdom, nothing will ever be the same.

Kingdom Agenda PDF

In these pages we’ll explore how, under God, this kingdom vision:

  • Helps you find a greater purpose in your life.
  • Guides your family toward Him.
  • Deepens your understanding of God’s use of the church.
  • Changes the way you think about politics, culture, and philosophy.

Join Dr. Tony Evans, one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time, as he unfolds this biblical and practical approach to life—an approach that has the power to change people, families, neighborhoods, churches, and even nations. Discover the power of the Kingdom agenda.


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