Apostle Joshua Selman’s powerful Mandate

Our Corporate Mandate As Believers – Apostle Joshua Selman is a document that outlines the collective responsibility and purpose of believers in a formal manner.

  1. To establish The Lordship of Jesus Christ in the heart of men.
  2. To establish The Lordship of Jesus Christ across every strata of human activities

The gospel is first a message, a revelation of the love of the Father, demonstrated in and through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus His Son and the object of that sacrifice is the entire creation, man first and then creation. The effect of the gospel must be felt in all creation.

God created flexibility so that man can evolve, the assignment and the object remains the same but the system can change. There has to be a lot of creativity and dynamism in communicating the gospel.

Apostle Joshua Selman’s powerful mandate

It will take extending the ideologies of the gospel to institutionalize the value system of the kingdom across every strata of human activities, failure to do that will endanger those who proffers the name of The Lord and it will ultimately sabotage the purposes of God.

The primary tool for achieving our mandate is called DOMINION.

Dominion is a spiritual system by which we bring creation under the influence of Christ and His value system. Everywhere the value system of the kingdom is respected and honored, that society becomes a reflection of heaven regardless of the personal conviction of the individuals about Christ. Every society we celebrate its development, the society is working at that level of Dexterity because the men in the society have allowed the value system of the kingdom to find expression.

Regardless of the personal encounter, we have with Jesus, if our territory does not subscribe to the value system of the Kingdom, it will remain a place of danger and decadence.

Substitute your value system with a dimension of result that is so compelling.

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