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What does the Gospel of Thomas teach us about the Christian faith?

Download The Gospel Of Thomas PDF. Some of us might remember hearing about the Gospel of Thomas and wondering why it wasn’t included in our Bibles. For one thing, it’s not in the Bible’s canon. To put it another way, the canon is a list of the books that are considered to be divinely inspired and thus worthy of inclusion in the Bible. Canonicity was not met by the Gospel of Thomas as well as other books in the pseudepigrapha; therefore, they were excluded from the Bible. For what reasons was the Gospel of Thomas rejected by academics? This gospel was penned by who? What is the difference between this so-called gospel and the Bible? What’s the significance of this?

These are just a few of the topics we’ll cover.

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In the Gospel of Thomas, Who Wrote the Book of Thomas?

There’s a good chance that Thomas wasn’t the culprit here.

A group of writings known as pseudepigrapha is mentioned in the Bible Study Tools article. That is to say, authors would use the name of a well-known Jesus follower (or a well-known figure from the New Testament) in order to influence their audiences.

A gospel written by a follower of Christ is more likely to be taken more seriously than a book was written hundreds of years after Jesus’s death. Gnosticism, a heresy that fundamentally diminishes Christ’s deity and promotes some other unbiblical ideas, was common in these pamphlets.

No exception can be made for the Gospel of Thomas in this regard. The disciple named Thomas, who followed Jesus, did not write the document unless he happened to live until AD 200 when scholars were able to trace its origins.

Even if he did, Thomas had a serious misunderstanding of Jesus’ mission, purpose, and gospel.

This book, which claims to contain the sayings of Jesus, actually contains ideas from Gnosticism, pantheism, and anti-feminism. Some of the differences between the canonical and Thomas’ gospels are better described in this article, but we’ll focus on a few of them here.
How the Gospel of Thomas Differs from What We Have in Scripture

Thomas’ Gospel is anti-feminist, so that’s a big deal!

According to the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus must transform Mary into a man in order for her to be considered “worthy of life” (114).

In reality, the gospel appears to be quite different. Mary Magdalene (Mark 15:40), the woman at the well (John 4:1-42), and the women of the New Testament, who served as deacons, preached the gospel, etc., were all examples of women Jesus valued.

Secrecy is emphasized in the Gospel of Thomas.

When compared to the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus clearly explains what the gospel is all about. The fact that he came to die and be resurrected, in order to save sinners and provide a way to eternal life (John 3:16).

It is the belief of the Gospel of Thomas, a sort of cult or secret society, that those who follow Jesus must uncover secrets that most men cannot (3, 39, 70).


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