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MFM Devotional – | Thursday Message | Spiritual Retreat 2 | 28 October 2021

MFM Devotional 28 October 2021 | Thursday Message | Spiritual Retreat 2
Welcome to Mountain Top Life MFM Daily Devotional 28th October 2021 written by Pastor D.K. Olukoya to inspire and bless you. God bless you as you read! Kindly share with other people.

MFM Devotional 28 October 2021 | Thursday Message
MFM Daily Devotional 28th October 2021 Thursday | HYMN


Fire Scripture: Genesis 32:22-28

The secret of strength lies in quietness. The state of quietness is greatly praised in the Bible. Noise does not indicate strength. It has been well said that an empty barrel makes the loudest nose. Quiet forces are the most powerful. The force of light is quiet. The force of gravitation is also quiet. If we must learn to be strong, we must learn quietness. The reason for our shallowness is lack of quiet time. Solitude is being lonely by choice. There is power in being lonely with God. The greatest men who have made impact are the people who have been quiet.

In Genesis 32:24, the Bible says that Jacob was left alone. Being alone with God has a therapeutic, renewing, reenergising and strengthening power. It is when you separate yourself to pray that He is able to mould you to what He can use. Another name for being alone with God is retreat. It is a time God can use to transform you to another man. In a retreat, you will gain strength, get refreshed and renewed. Many don’t like to go on retreat. Those that were quiet heard from God. Noah was a lonely man.

Abraham was a lonely man. Jacob was in a mess when he was alone with God. He was remoulded. Enoch walked with God successfully because he knew how to be alone with God and to commune with him. Moses spent quality time with God in fasting and praying and was an outstanding prophet. Spending time with God can help us hear our inner-most voice. Retreat is staying away from people, computers, phones, newspapers, games, music, tablets etc. Retreat may be getting to work earlier than everybody and placing your head on the locker and having your quiet time.

It may be going to a peaceful corner during break in your place of work. The question is Have you ever heard the Lord’s still small voice? When last were you quiet for 30 minutes? Are you able to just sit down without the noise of the radio, television or internet and meditate? Beloved, God comes to us in our quiet moments to speak to us and teach us. You need to have regular retreats if you want to be a champion for God in this generation.

Memory Verse:
Isaiah 30:15 – “For this saith the Lord God, the Holy one of Israel, in returning and rest shall ye be saved, in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength and ye would not.”

Motivational Quote:
Where can a man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his soul?

Prophetic Word:
The God that encountered Abraham, Isaac and Israel shall locate you, in the name of Jesus.

MFM Daily Devotional 28th October 2021 Thursday | HYMN
I Am Thine, O Lord
1. I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice,
And it told Thy love to me;
But I long to rise in the arms of faith,
And be closer drawn to Thee.

Draw me nearer, nearer, blessed Lord
To the cross where Thou hast died;
Draw me nearer, nearer, nearer, blessed Lord,
To thy precious, bleeding side.

2. Consecrate me now to Thy service,
Lord, By the pow’r of grace divine;
Let my soul look up with a steadfast hope,
And my will be lost in Thine.

3. O, the pure delight of a single hour
That before Thy throne I spend,
When I kneel in prayer, and with Thee, my God,
I commune as friend with friend!

4. There are depths of love that I cannot know
Till I cross the narrow sea;
There are heights of joy that I may not reach
Till I rest in peace with Thee


1. Any ancient battle in my life, die, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every battle assigned to waste my time and years, die, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every power assigned to kill my star, die, in the name of Jesus.

4. Opportunity wasters, your time is up, die, in the name of Jesus.
5. O God, arise and teach me to be quiet, in the name of Jesus.
6. O God, arise and teach me to be teachable, in the name of Jesus.
7. Begin to thank God for a new beginning

Bible In One Year: Luke 18:15-43; Luke 19:1-48

Thank you for your time in reading Today’s MFM Devotional 28 October 2021 | Thursday Message | Spiritual Retreat 2.

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