Dr. Myles Munroe was a highly respected figure in the Bahamas and internationally. He worked as an evangelist, author, and leadership expert, aiming to help people grow, lead effectively, and connect their faith with everyday life. His teachings and books touched on self-improvement, leadership, relationships, and spirituality, encouraging many to follow their dreams with enthusiasm.

Sadly, on November 9, 2014, Dr Myles Munroe and his wife, Ruth, were killed in a plane crash on their way to a conference. This tragic event deeply affected their followers and admirers across the globe, creating a significant loss. However, the positive impact of Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe’s work continues, as their teachings and the organizations they started still motivate and influence people today.

Dr Myles Munroe Early Life And Education

Dr. Myles Munroe was born on April 20, 1954, in Nassau, Bahamas, into a large family as one of eleven children. His early years in the working-class area of Bain Town were challenging but filled with community support and a strong faith background. His turn to Christianity as a teenager set him on his future path of ministry and speaking.

Munroe went on to study at Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he earned degrees in fine arts, education, and theology, showcasing his commitment to learning and spiritual growth. He furthered his education at the University of Tulsa, obtaining a Master’s degree in administration. Despite financial difficulties and cultural differences, Munroe persevered through his studies with determination and faith.

These experiences, along with his solid academic achievements and deep faith, prepared Munroe for a notable career in Christian ministry and as a leadership consultant. His journey from the humble beginnings in Bain Town to becoming an influential figure worldwide highlights his remarkable resilience and ability to inspire and lead others.

Career Highlights and Ministry

Dr. Myles Munroe had a remarkable career, making significant impacts in ministry, leadership training, and motivational speaking. In the early 1980s, he established the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI), launching a global evangelical movement. BFMI became a key Christian institution in the Bahamas and internationally, offering spiritual support to many.

Munroe also founded Myles Munroe International (MMI) and the International Third World Leaders Association, extending his influence further. MMI provided leadership training and resources based on Christian principles, targeting both spiritual and secular leaders worldwide. The International Third World Leaders Association focused on developing leaders in developing countries, helping them drive positive changes in their communities.

Beyond his roles in ministry, Munroe was a renowned motivational speaker and consultant, sharing his insights on leadership, personal growth, and organizational management with a global audience. He collaborated with governments, corporations, and educational institutions, advocating for the integration of spiritual values into practical leadership.

Dr Myles Munroe Personal Life

Dr. Myles Munroe’s life was closely connected to his spiritual work, notably so through his marriage to Ruth Munroe in 1978. Their relationship went beyond personal companionship; they worked together in leading the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI). Ruth was a key figure in the ministry, particularly in empowering women and families, and together they stood as a symbol of a faith-driven, respectful, and visionary partnership.

Ruth’s role in the ministry and the community was pivotal. She was not only Dr. Munroe’s partner but also a leader in her own right, known for her grace, wisdom, and strength. This partnership extended to their family life, with their children, Myles Jr. (Chairo) and Charisa, growing up in an environment filled with faith and purpose, deeply influenced by their parents’ dedication.

The Munroe family exemplified the values of love, purpose, and partnership, living out the principles they advocated. Their marriage was a testament to their shared commitment to making a positive impact, supported by their strong faith. Despite the tragic loss of Myles and Ruth, their legacy of love, leadership, and faith continues to inspire others.

Dr Myles Munroe Books: Literary Contributions

Dr. Myles Munroe’s contribution to literature, particularly in the realms of leadership, personal development, and Christian living, is both vast and impactful. With a prolific output of over 80 books, Munroe established himself as a leading voice in motivating and guiding individuals towards realizing their full potential, both in their personal lives and in the service of their communities.

His works often focused on understanding one’s purpose, the essence of leadership, and the application of Christian principles to everyday life.

Among his notable publications, “Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men” stands out as a transformative exploration of manhood, aimed at helping men to grasp their identity and role in society from a biblical perspective. This book challenges and encourages men to live up to their God-given potential, providing insights into masculinity, responsibility, and spiritual growth.

Another significant contribution is “The Principles and Power of Vision.” In this work, Munroe delves into the importance of having a clear vision for one’s life, asserting that understanding one’s vision is crucial for personal and professional fulfillment. The book offers practical steps for identifying one’s vision, nurturing it, and overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of its realization.

Dr. Munroe’s literary legacy is characterized by a deep understanding of biblical teachings, coupled with a keen insight into human psychology and organizational behavior. His writings continue to inspire and guide readers around the world, offering timeless wisdom on living a purpose-driven, impactful life. Through his books, Munroe has left behind a treasure trove of knowledge that continues to educate, empower, and enlighten individuals long after his passing.

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Awards and Recognition

In 1998, Dr. Munroe received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contributions to religion, marking a significant recognition of his efforts in spreading faith and helping communities.

That same year, he also received the Bahamian Silver Jubilee Award for his role in the spiritual, social, and religious growth of the Bahamas. In 2004, Oral Roberts University celebrated him as “Alumnus of the Year,” acknowledging his contributions to religious and leadership education.

Dr. Munroe wrote over 38 books on a variety of topics, including family, spiritual growth, and finance, with more than 16 becoming bestsellers. His works, available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, have reached a global audience.

The Myles-Ruth Munroe Foundation recognizes him as a mentor and spiritual leader to millions worldwide, with his writings and appearances making a transformative impact across over 120 countries.

Death and Memoriam

On November 9, 2014, Dr. Myles Munroe, and his wife Ruth, tragically died in a plane crash along with six other passengers near Grand Bahama International Airport. Their plane hit a crane at a nearby shipyard, exploded upon impact, and fell to the ground.

They were on their way to the Global Leadership Forum, an event organized by Dr. Munroe. Despite the tragedy, the forum continued as a tribute to Dr. Munroe’s legacy, reflecting what he would have wished.

The world mourned Dr Myles Munroe’s death, paying homage to a man known for his profound sermons and teachings. As a prominent figure in the Christian community and beyond, his loss was deeply felt worldwide.

Dr. Myles Munroe sermons, books, and leadership guidance have made a lasting impact on countless individuals. One of his final messages highlighted the significance of living a purposeful life and creating an enduring legacy.

Dr. Myles Munroe’s passing was a tremendous loss not only to his family and the Bahamas Faith Ministries International but also to the millions globally influenced by his teachings. His legacy continues to motivate and serve as a testament to the profound effect one individual can have on many lives.

The Legacy of Myles and Ruth Munroe

The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation carries on the impactful legacy of Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe, reflecting their commitment to leadership, education, and community development. This foundation operates as their philanthropic extension, aimed at empowering communities and developing leaders with the potential to make a significant difference worldwide.

Rooted in the values Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe held dear, the foundation prioritizes educational initiatives, offering learning opportunities and resources to those who might lack access otherwise. These efforts not only aim to educate but also to motivate individuals to excel in all life aspects.

Another key focus is leadership development, mirroring Dr. Munroe’s dedication to nurturing capable leaders. Through mentorship, workshops, and seminars, the foundation works to prepare future leaders, providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethical foundation to tackle today’s challenges.

Community partnerships also play a vital role in the foundation’s strategy, fostering collaboration and support among various groups. These partnerships help extend the foundation’s reach, spreading its hopeful, empowering message to more people and communities.

The Myles & Ruth Munroe Foundation’s ongoing activities serve as a tribute to the lasting influence of Myles Munroe Munroe and his wife, continuing to advance their vision and making a meaningful impact globally.


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