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Download Apostle Joshua Selman Birthday Message 2022 (MP3)

Download Apostle Joshua Selman Birthday Message 2022 (MP3)

Excerpt Speech from Apostle Joshua Selman’s Birthday. Errors don’t easily die even if the people who brought them are dead and gone. The most immature way of preaching the Gospel is to criticize other people’s doctrines in the Body planting a seed of hatred in the heart of your followers against other ministers.

The Idea that makes a Man think He’s the only representative of God in a territory is Pride. Be careful how you use your platform to criticize ministries; show love to the Body of Christ. Everyone is important.

The Moment you believe that you are the only one Who is right; means you are wrong. It’s an insult to the Holyspiirt; to Jesus and to God. We are called to communicate the dimension of Truth Given to us. To speak like you are the only right preacher is absolute nonsense. The Holyspirit has many witnesses.




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