Download Activating Priesthood & Kingship By Apostle Joshua Selman

Because of what God has done for us, we are not just Kings or Priests but Kings and Priests. In order to properly rule over the Earth, we require access to both realms. And hath appointed us kings and priests unto God and his Father; and we shall reign on the earth,” it states in Revelation 5:10.

The Priesthood ensures that we have a relationship with God and the spiritual realm, while Kingship ensures that we have a connection with and impact on the physical world.

We are able to spiritually will our resources when we have Priesthood, and when we have Kingship, we are able to construct the platforms on which we are able to use our spiritual resources or powers.
We are relevant on a heavenly level when we have the Priesthood, but on a purely earthly level when we hold the Kingship.

Only until the light of God’s Word shines within us can darkness be driven away. To attain the level of light and illumination necessary to function effectively as a priest or king in this realm, one must fulfill certain requirements. The servant of God teaches in this sermon about the keys that are necessary to activate and engage these kingdom heritages that God has given to believers.




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