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Download 7 Kingdom Principles PDF Book. You’ll learn about why you were put on this earth and what your true purpose is. You will learn about the divine purpose, design, and mission of God’s creation in these pages, as well as your place within it. Because of this, we no longer have a clear understanding of what a kingdom really is. People in Western civilization, particularly in the last few generations, no longer associate the concept of a kingdom because all of the prototypes have either been destroyed or abandoned.

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Currently, we live in a generation where the greatest message ever conveyed cannot be properly comprehended because there are no kingdoms or surviving relics of kingdoms remaining in the Western world.

For the purposes of this book, I want to reintroduce the actual authentic kingdoms that God has created and illustrate how they are superior to any religion, political ideology, government system, or social program in terms of their superiority and advantages. As we investigate and comprehend the Kingdom’s precepts and concepts, I invite you to join me.

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Kingdom Principles Nature

While we may believe in a deity who is kind and loving, it is our “allegiance” to this deity that drives our desire to worship and serve this deity. After a while, I, too, began to lose trust in the concept of religion, and in real terms, I had to look for something better.

Religion, on the other hand, is a natural phenomenon that has always existed in every human community. The religious rites of both primitive and modern human cultures have a significant impact on their culture and community life. A natural follow-up question arises:

What is the origin of religion, and why is it so natural and inherent in the human spirit?

After thirty-five years of research and personal exploration, I’ve come to the opinion that religion is the outcome of an innate human desire that no one can identify but that everyone must seek to feed. The void left by the loss of something man once had caused him to search for explanations outside of his own sphere.

People have tried to quench this need for knowledge through superstitions, elaborate rituals, and customs that appear to defy human logic and reason on a regular basis. Religions around the world focus on issues such as the nature of humanity, the meaning of life after death, and the presence of a transcendent spiritual realm. Because these faiths give its believers control over their daily lives, many of them seem appealing. There is no guarantee that they will be able to keep their end of the bargain.

We hope this book will answer your questions and convey an idea that goes beyond religion into the heart of humanity’s deepest need, which we believe is a solution to this universal human yearning for meaning and purpose. It is my belief that everyone is striving for two things in life: power and purpose. All of us seek purpose and control over our lives and our situations; the ability to predict the future and foretell the unknown; and the ability to choose between life and death.

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Kingdom Principles nature our desire to worship and serve some deity that we claim to be benevolent and loving, while at the same time demonstrating a zeal motivated by our “allegiance” to this same deity. Along the way, I too lost faith in the concept of religion and in a real sense had to seek something beyond and superior to these defective practices created by man.

Yet religion is a natural phenomenon that exists in some form in every human culture and always has. Primitive and modern human societies alike manifest religious rituals that define their culture and communal life. This raises the natural question:

What is the source of religion, and why is it such a natural, inherent characteristic of the human spirit?

Thirty-five years of research and personal exploration of this question have led me to the conclusion that religion is the result of an inherent hunger in the human spirit that man cannot define yet must seek to satisfy. This indefinable hunger, arising from a vacuum created by the loss of something man used to possess, drives him to pursue answers beyond his own realm.

Generations of humans have attempted to satisfy this hunger through superstitions, sophisticated rituals, customs, and practices that often seem to defy human logic and reason. Most human religious activities attempt to deal with the questions of mankind’s existence and purpose as well as life after death and the unknown spiritual world. Many of these religions are attractive because they promise their adherents the power to control the circumstances of their daily lives. Whether or not they can deliver on this promise is another matter.

Conclusion On Excerpt On 7 Kingdom Principles PDF

The purpose of this book is to help you address these questions and to present to you a proposition that goes beyond religion straight to the heart of mankind’s greatest need and offers a solution to this universal human search. I am convinced that every person on earth ultimately is searching for two things in life: power and purpose. All of us look for meaning for our existence and the power to control our lives and our circumstances; power to determine the future and predict the unknown; power over death and life.


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