Download Mp3 Experiencing Complete Deliverance by Apostle Joshua Selman

Satan is a master of the sense realm. He deceives believers by shifting their gaze from Christ to their obvious unpleasant circumstances. Satan sometimes uses men to cause deception with vain words. You must be established in God’s Word to be immune to deception.

When the devil fails to overcome a believer, he fakes agreement and fraternization with the believer, making him comfortable but the aim is to destroy him. This is also a form of deception. Dishonor to the body of Christ and men of God is as a result of deception from the Devil. Therefore, to Experience Complete Deliverance you must first of all cast out the spirit influences in your life and behind your challenges and through transformation by the word. Romans 12:2

Deliverance through the transformation by the Word entails reorienting your spiritual understanding and opening you up to the nature, character and systems of God.

Download Experiencing Complete Deliverance by Apostle Joshua Selman below.

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