Download Commanding the Supernatural | The Dynamics of Faith 1 By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Commanding the Supernatural | The Dynamics of Faith 1 and 2 By Apostle Joshua Selman

Supernatural events occur when faith and anointing, or the Word of God and the Spirit of God, come together in a dynamic interaction. When you have a firm conviction about who God is and the integrity of His Word, faith motivates you to act in obedience to that conviction.

There must be a symbiotic relationship between Heaven and Earth in order for anything to occur on Earth. A person’s faith is predicated on two characteristics of God: his integrity and his capability.
God is a trustworthy being who can be relied upon.

Bible Faith is based on the recognition of God’s ability; He is capable of exceedingly, abundantly exceeding all that we ask or think of Him.



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