Faith is fake except it stirs the corresponding action. Show me your faith without your action and I will show you my faith by my action (James 2:18). As simple as that.

“Is there no balm in Gilead”; then I entered into a divorce with my medicine bag; Jesus stepped in and made me whole (from documented testimony).

“Keep engaging”; then I took it as my newfound business (from documented testimony): that’s faith.

Bishop David Oyedepo

Faith is fake except it stirs the corresponding action! “Praying for others brings you into favor with God” (Corresponding action): Okay, now in the name of Jesus, I begin to pray for the needs of others with all the passion within my spirit.

Preaching faith is not faith.

When I said, “I can never be poor”, all I did was that I subscribed fully to what the covenant demands for me to access God’s prosperity plan.

I now know what it takes to make life meaningful and impactful; I signed a covenant to make Matthew 6:33 my new lifestyle at the age of 22.

Faith is fake if it’s void of corresponding action.

My friend, you know what the Lord told me this morning, “as the ostrich lays egg and hatches them not so is a man that can get riches and not by right” (Jeremiah 17:11). I made a vow not to touch whatever is not, I was 20 years old.

Faith is fake if it lacks corresponding action.

I saw that it is good for a young man if he bears his yoke in his youth (Lamentations 3:27) so I knelt down and prayed Lord, “any luggage I will need to bear when I am old, let me bear it when I am young. That’s what I saw in your Word.” 1970

Faith is fake…all this faith (that) we are preaching and talking; confessing and confusing: it’s the action that it stirs that makes it faith.

Depart from thy country and so Abraham departed (Genesis 12:4) – that’s faith.

Take thy son, thy only son (Genesis 22:2) : and he took him early in the morning; that’s faith

Not: “the Lord spoke to me early in the morning that I should depart but you see, I need to make arrangements to be sure that people understand me a little. I need to explain to them where I am going.”

That’s not faith, that is an explanation. “This is the place”

(Response): God just spoke to me this is the place, we are not looking for anywhere else.

It’s offsite, it doesn’t line up but that’s the place. That’s faith.

All these things we are hearing, it will only deliver in the life of individuals who engage with faith; that means (those) who translate their proclaimed belief into action.

I know that I know that nobody ever makes God and the interest of His Kingdom his priority for living without emerging a wonder to his world (1 Corinthians 2:9).

You can’t claim to love God when you don’t love what He loves most: that loves to see souls saved and to see them established in the faith (John 21:15-16).

Anybody, anywhere that carries the salvation of souls in his heart is a certified lover of Christ: he is a Fellow lover of Christ, he is not just chartered.



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