Life is segmented into times and seasons. It’s the understanding of this that gives one a chance in destiny.

Truth is always the same. It cannot grow. We can only grow in the knowledge of the truth. There is no new generation truth. Truth is trans-generational.  Jeremiah 30:20. There is no old fashioned truth. Revelation 5:10.

Every covenant of scripture remains in force as long as the day and night still exist. There is no private revelation. Every revelation of scripture is applicable to whosoever is interested. 2 Corinthians 3:18.

Every testimony is the raw confirmation of the truth. Psalm 119:111. Nothing interprets the truth like testimonies. Psalm 45:8. Matthew 14:36. Isaiah 8:20.

Being on the go for Jesus puts us in charge of the supernatural. Psalm 63:2. You can’t see or smell the mind of God without subscribing to prayer and fasting.

There are two key stages in your life.
The first stage is between 20 and 30 while the next is between 30 and 50. (Numbers 1:3.)

From 20 years old is when you are listed for the race of life.1 John 2:14.

The end product of strength is exploited. Isaiah 40:31.

There is time for everything Ecclesiastes 3:1. Isaiah 116:6.

Between 30 and 50. (Numbers 4:3.)

It is when your investment between 20 and 30 begins to yield results. Genesis 41:46. 2 Samuel 5:4.

David wasn’t waiting for it. He worked for it. Wherever you see dignity, it is concentrated responsibility that generates it. The youth are the custodians of every generation. Job 29:4.

Judges 6:13. God used Gideon at his young age to deliver his people.

You can’t be truly dedicated to God and not be distinguished on earth. Mark 4:32. You don’t know what your life is worth until you dedicate it to Jesus and the advancement of His kingdom.

Serving God elevates ordinary people. Proverbs 14:23. Soul-winning endeavors are the best of the best ground to invest.

John 15:16; 4:35-36, Luke 22:5. Proverbs 11:3 – He that winneth soul is wise. Daniel 12:3 – It makes stars of ordinary people.

Witnessing operating on 2 platforms which is (1) preaching and (2) compelling them to come (and see).

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