The Prayer of Faith is the Prayer that Works’.

The prayer of faith is the prayer that works. No prayer qualifies for an answer without faith. James 1:5

It is faith that provokes the stretching forth of God’s hand. Isaiah 51:3

A cry does not qualify anyone for an answer on the altar of prayer, only a cry of faith does. Mark 9:33. It is therefore wise to prepare our faith to meet with God on the altar of prayer. It is wisdom to mix the word with faith in our hearts in approaching unto God on the altar of prayer because no prayer, intercession or supplication qualifies for an answer from the Lord on the altar of prayer without faith. Without faith, it is impossible to secure heaven’s intervention and attention. Hebrews 11:6

Bishop David Oyedepo

So faith is a must on the prayer altar to deliver. If it is a must, then we must ensure faith accompanies every desire we present on the altar of prayer.


1- When your faith says so

Consciously engage your faith on the altar of prayer so it will not be an exercise in futility and you will return with proofs that cannot be denied. Consciously, deliberately, intentionally, and unwaveringly sow in faith on the altar of prayer. The prayer of faith is the prayer that works.

Faith is engaging the covenant-keeping God through the altar of prayer. There is no promise of scriptures without conditions to meet for its actualization. When the condition attached to a promise is met that promise graduates to a covenant with God. There is nothing mystical or mythological about a covenant. It simply means this is a package for you if you will meet the following conditions. This package is deliverable on the following conditions. For instance, if you want to be saved you must repent. Acts 2:38 There is no one that will truly repent and will not be saved. Psalm 89:34 So we serve a covenant-keeping God. Matt 6:33

Everytime our obedience is fulfilled we come under a sworn verdict from GOD and that sworn verdict is what we call a covenant. Genesis 22:16-18

God’s integrity is committed to performing when we fulfill our part of the deal. A covenant mentality is crucial to living a triumphant Christian life. Hebrews 6:12-18 It is impossible for God to back out from a covenant. Exodus 23:25-26 All we need to do is commit ourselves to God acceptably, serving with utmost excitement, not trying but trusting God.

If you don’t serve Him with joyfulness and gladness it is better never to. God is not a user or a molester. Deuteronomy 28:47, 1 Corinthians 10:10 Don’t murmur against God. John 24:15



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