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ALL || PROPHET Emmanuel Okeke Messages Sermons MP3

ALL || PROPHET Emmanuel Okeke Messages Sermons MP3

ALL || PROPHET Emmanuel Okeke Messages Sermons MP3. On this page, you will find all PROPHET Emmanuel Okeke Messages for your spiritual edification.




1 Wisdom (35mb) DOWNLOAD
2 Why Do We Struggle to Remain Faithful? (15mb) DOWNLOAD
3 Why Many Christian Fail (31mb) DOWNLOAD
4 Weak Faith (7mb) DOWNLOAD
5 Understanding the Place of Faith in Christianity (40mb) DOWNLOAD
6 The Voice of God: How to Hear from God (45mb) DOWNLOAD
7 The Voice of God: Building Your Conscience (27mb) DOWNLOAD
8 The Scars on your Body are your Testimonies (580kb) DOWNLOAD
9 The Gift of Interpretation of Tongues (4mb) DOWNLOAD
10 The Seed Fell on Thorn (3mb) DOWNLOAD
11 The Role of the Mind (36mb) DOWNLOAD
12 The Realm of God Mind (31mb) DOWNLOAD
13 The Power of the Love of the Church (38mb) DOWNLOAD
14 The Power of Spoken Words (29mb) DOWNLOAD
15 The Power of praise (21mb) DOWNLOAD
16 The Power of Obedience (26mb) DOWNLOAD
17 The Place of the Holy Spirit in Intercession (8mb) DOWNLOAD
18 The Perfect Will of God (22mb) DOWNLOAD
19 The Life of a Christian (34mb) DOWNLOAD
20 The Key to Freedom (7mb) DOWNLOAD
21 The Gift of Speaking in Tongues (29mb) DOWNLOAD
22 The Garbage that Brings the Flies (29mb) DOWNLOAD
23 The Fullness of the Holy Spirit (16mb) DOWNLOAD
24 The Fruit of the Spirit: Love (mb) DOWNLOAD
25 The Earth was Cursed (7mb) DOWNLOAD
26 The Commanding Power of God (31mb) DOWNLOAD
27 The Burning Altar (37mb) DOWNLOAD
28 The Blood that Speaketh (30mb) DOWNLOAD
29 The Birth of an Intercessor (36mb) DOWNLOAD
30 Spiritual Gifts: The Person of the Holy Spirit (20mb) DOWNLOAD
31 Gift of the Spirit & Its Uses (21mb) DOWNLOAD
32 Season of Preparation and Harvest (34mb) DOWNLOAD
33 Retaining Your Vision: Seeing in the Spirit (29mb) DOWNLOAD
34 Redemption in Christ (21mb) DOWNLOAD
35 The Name of Jesus (28mb) DOWNLOAD
36 Presenting Your Prayer Before God (24mb) DOWNLOAD
37 Prayer for the Fruit of the Womb (9mb) DOWNLOAD
38 Pray Along with Prophet Emmanuel (3mb) DOWNLOAD
39 Praising & Worship (4mb) DOWNLOAD
40 Powerful Declarations (6mb) DOWNLOAD
41 My Words Have Power (34mb) DOWNLOAD
42 My Generation (13mb) DOWNLOAD
43 Mentorship: Introduction (15mb) DOWNLOAD
44 Mentorship: Aspect of Mentorship (23mb) DOWNLOAD
45 Laws of the Spirit 2 (9mb) DOWNLOAD
46 Laws of the Spirit 1 (28MB) DOWNLOAD
47 Jesus, the Doctor, The Finished Word (14mb) DOWNLOAD
48 Impartation of the Gift of the Holy spirit (19mb) DOWNLOAD
49 How to Negotiate with God (8mb) DOWNLOAD
50 How to Heal the Sick (5mb) DOWNLOAD
51 How to Deal with Unbelief (20mb) DOWNLOAD
52 How the Devil Manipulates New Converts (2mb) DOWNLOAD
53 Go and Sin No More Part 2 (16mb) DOWNLOAD
54 Go and Sin No More Part 1 (24mb) DOWNLOAD
55 Getting My Prayers Answered (15mb) DOWNLOAD
56 For The Fruit of the Womb and Healing (1mb) DOWNLOAD
57 Examine Yourself! (19mb) DOWNLOAD
58 Entering into His Presence (31mb) DOWNLOAD
59 Engaging in Tongues (46mb) DOWNLOAD
60 Changing Your Mindsets to the Reality of Christ (27mb) DOWNLOAD
61 Breaking Strongholds Day 3 (40mb) DOWNLOAD
62 Breaking Strongholds Day 2 (46mb) DOWNLOAD
63 Breaking Strongholds Day 1 (42mb) DOWNLOAD
64 Bilocation (32mb) DOWNLOAD
65 Assignment of an Intercessor (14mb) DOWNLOAD
66 Another Look of Prayer Part 2 (26mb) DOWNLOAD
67 Another Look of Prayer Part 1 (34mb) DOWNLOAD

Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke hails from Nibo; A town in Anambra State. Born to the family of Chief Raphael Ndibe Okeke, a third child in the family of four. As a child, he has had the passion and desire for the things of God as he loves listening to men of God and he knew something about him was related to God’s service as prophecies about that had been given even as a child.

At the age of 18, he encountered a book by Benny Hinn (Good Morning Holy Spirit) and it kickstarted a hunger and passion for the things of God as he became more aware of His purpose in God. Given the absence of direction and instructors of God’s word around him, he ventured into the Entertainment Industry by creating a social dating network called FRIENDITE, which prompted him to enter the social media sector. In just a few months, his firm, FRIENDITE GLOBAL LIMITED, grew dramatically and was crowned Nigeria’s largest dating site, with over 60,000 subscribers. Despite this, he subsequently shut down the site to heed God’s call on his life in 2017.

His mother admired the significant step he took to serve God, but his father considered it a waste of time; he held the belief that pastors are impoverished and beggars and preferred him to head the business firm. His mother’s death in 2018 rather than discouraging him, pushed him to further discover his purpose and calling.

Emmanuel Okeke began as an Evangelist before the Lord called him into the office of a Prophet and is blessed with the gift of healing, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, gift of prophecy, and with the teaching grace. He got married to Evangelist Benita Emmanuel-Okeke in 2019 and the family has been a source of inspiration and motivation to other families.

The ministry which was once called Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke Ministry is now known as WATCHTOWER PRAYER NETWORK after a three-hour prayer session in 2021, through several prayers and interceptions unto God, the Lord granted his servant a vision; “The Life of Christ finding expression in a Man”

Prophet Emmanuel Okeke under the covering of Evangelist Godspower Anaso has been greatly imparted by God and also by several outstanding God’s servants, including, Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai, Apostle Arome Osayi, Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Tochuwku Okonkwo, Evangelist Ikechukwu Peter Nnajiofor, to name a few. Authors whose publications have had the most influence on his life include Brother Kenneth E. Hagins, Teacher Derek Prince, Pastor Benny Hinn, and others.

Over the years, the impactful ministry of God’s servant; Prophet Emmanuel Okeke has touched many lives and through God’s word and prayers, evidence of God’s goodness has been seen in the lives of people and many testimonies have been recorded.

Media Contact

Company Name: WatchTower Prayer Network
Contact Person: Prophet Emmanuel Okeke
Email: [email protected]
Country: Nigeria
Website: www.watchtowerprayernetwork.org

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