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9 December 2021 || Billy Graham Daily Devotional – Word Made Flesh

Billy Graham Daily Devotional 9 December 2021 Thursday Message

Topic: Word Made Flesh

The Word was made flesh . . . full of grace and truth. — John 1:14

On the cover of your Bible and my, Bible appear the words “Holy Bible.” Do you know why the Bible is called holy? Why should it be called holy when so much lust and hate and greed and war are found in it?

It is because the Bible tells the truth. It tells the truth about God, about man, and about the devil. The Bible teaches that we exchange the truth of God for the devil’s lie about sex, for example; and drugs, and alcohol, and religious hypocrisy. Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth. Furthermore, He told the truth. Jesus said that He was the truth, and the truth would make us free.

Prayer for the day
Almighty God, I thank You for the truth which You have given me through Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

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